Santana Lopez (Part Four) – Character study & song rankings


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It's the series you've been waiting for. A deep dive into THE most iconic Glee character, Santana Lopez. For part four of four, we will talk through Santana's season 5 and 6. At the end, we take all of Santana's featured songs and reveal the final rankings based on voting from both hosts as well as anyone who participated in the song surveys! For part four, you'll hear #1-10 of Santana's song rankings. The 41 songs up for discussion in the rankings are: Solos: 2x05: Science Fiction Double Feature 2x09: Valerie 2x16: Trouty Mouth 2x19: Songbird 2x21: Back to Black 3x16: If I Can’t Have You 3x19: Love You Like a Love Song 4x04: Mine 4x13: Nutbush City Limits 4x13: Girl on Fire 4x16: Cold Hearted 5x03: If I Die Young 5x09: Don’t Rain on My Parade 6x06: Alfie Duets: 1x18: The Boy Is Mine (with Mercedes) 2x02: Me Against The Music (with Brittany) 2x04: River Deep Mountain High (with Mercedes) 2x20: Dancing Queen (with Mercedes) 3x05: A Boy Like That/I Have a Love (with Rachel) 3x06: Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another (with Finn) 3x07: I Kissed a Girl (with Rachel) 3x07: Constant Craving (with Shelby) 3x10: We Found Love (with Rachel) 3x11: Smooth Criminal (with Sebastian) 3x12: La Isla Bonita (with David) 3x17: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (with Brittany) 3x17: So Emotional (with Rachel) 3x19: Take My Breath Away (with Quinn) 4x13: Make No Mistake She’s Mine (with Sam) 5x01: A Hard Day’s Night (with Rachel) 5x02: Here Comes the Sun (with Dani) 5x09: Brave (with Rachel) 5x09: Every Breath You Take (with Rachel) 5x12: Valerie (with Brittany) 5x13: Be Okay (with Rachel) 5x18: Doo Wop (That Thing) (with Mercedes) 6x03: Hand in My Pocket/I Feel The Earth Move (with Brittany) Group Features: 3x06: Rumor Has It/Someone Like You 3x08: Survivor/I Will Survive 3x14: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) 3x21: Edge of Glory Follow us on Twitter: @choirroompod E-mail us! Feedback, ideas, fact-checks, anything! Want to help financially support the show?

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