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The New Directions step up to the podcast plate as we look through all of their performances from the end of an episode of Glee! Nothing sends you away from an episode feeling a feeling quite like the closing numbers, so it's time to look at them all! Songs included and ranked in this podcast: 1x01: Don’t Stop Believin’ 1x05: Somebody to Love 1x07: Keep Holding On 1x09: Proud Mary 1x10: Lean on Me 1x11: True Colors 1x13: My Life Would Suck Without You 1x14: Hello, Goodbye 1x15: Like a Prayer 1x18: One 1x21: Give up the Funk 2x03: One of Us 2x05: Time Warp 2x09: Dog Days Are Over 2x13: Sing 2x18: Born This Way 2x19: Don’t Stop 3x01: You Can’t Stop the Beat 3x03: Fix You 3x08: We Are Young 3x09: Do They Know It’s Christmas? 3x11: Black or White 3x16: Stayin’ Alive 3x17: My Love is Your Love 3x21: We Are the Champions 4x01: Chasing Pavements 4x07: Some Nights 4x09: Don’t Dream it’s Over 4x10: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 4x12: This is the New Year 4x14: Anything Could Happen 4x15: Footloose 4x16: Closer 4x17: Mamma Mia 4x18: Say 4x19: Outcast 4x20: The Longest Time 4x21: For Once in My Life 5x02: Let it Be 5x04: Roar 5x05: On Our Way 5x06: You May Be Right 5x07: The Fox 5x08: Away in a Manger 5x09: Breakaway 6x09: Cool Kids 6x10: Rise 6x13: I Lived Follow us on Twitter: @choirroompod E-mail us! Feedback, ideas, fact-checks, anything! Want to help financially support the show?

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