071. Back to School, Part 2: Time Manaagement


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One of the biggest challenges we have as choir directors is time management. We have so many duties, so many responsibilities, so many irons in the fire...it's a full-time job just keeping track of everything!
I recently came across the work of Rory Vaden, who became widely known a few years ago with a TED talk on how to "Multiply Our Time". While much of his work and research is in the world of business, many of his principles are applicable to our work as choir directors as well.
In Episode #71 of the podcast, which is Part 2 in the Back to School Series, I discuss five important aspects of time management that we need to evaluate, including the essential element that Vaden believes we need to "multiply" our time.
I hope you find this episode helpful in shifting how you are managing your time moving forward. And make sure you stay tuned for more Back to School episodes!
Need some help devising some better strategies to manage your time this year? Send me an email at: Matt@choirdirectorcorner.com and let me know how I can help!
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