How The Players' Lounge is Monetizing NIL and Engaging Fans


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Former UGA quarterback Aaron Murray joins the podcast to chat about his new venture, The Players' Lounge. This NFT community was built by lettermen to empower relationships within the collegiate sports community through connecting current and former athletes with their respective fan bases while providing opportunities for student-athletes to monetize their individual brands.
Aaron joined the podcast back in January to talk with us ahead of their first NFT launch. That launch ended up generating $305,000 for the student athletes involved, a total of $28,000 each.
Now Aaron is back to tell us how they've expanded their concept beyond NFTs and taken it beyond UGA to other schools.
We discuss:

  • How The Players' Lounge got started
  • The ways in which college athletes are engaging more with fans
  • How NFT drops are translating to in-person events
  • Their relationship with the UGA athletic department
  • The pursuit of licensing agreements
  • Expanding the model to additional universities
  • Big picture goals for the future

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