How to Build Your Brand & Establish Your Credibility


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Scott Turman, a technologist, entrepreneur, and Amazon top 10 author that is making book writing accessible. He is the founder and CEO of BrightRay Publishing, a company that offers writing and publishing services for founders, CEOs, celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and other high performing professionals. After struggling to write a book for years, Scott was able to quickly co-write two books with his industry disrupting process done at BrightRay - that doesn’t include ghost writers.

Before beginning his publishing career, he wrote code for organizations such as NASA, the US Department of Defense, Disney, and another Fortune 500’s. As a side note, Scott was named after the fourth astronaut in space, Scott Carpenter! His father, Arthur Turman, had worked with Scott Carpenter on Mercury-Atlas 7 at NASA.

During the show we discuss:

● Effective methods for establishing credibility in your industry.

● Create your own personal brand.

● Brand yourself.

● Promote your company's brand.

● Convey your personal brand.

● Create and market a brand.

● Role of social media platforms plays in helping you establish and promote your brand in your industry.

● Create your own strong brand and name.

● Personal branding helps you in promoting yourself.

● Factors should you consider when developing your own brand.

● Market yourself in the world.

● of credibility in business.

● Factors apply to credibility.

● Effective technique to establish credibility in an industry.

● Consequences of constructing your own in your career or path.

● Factors should you consider when deciding on a target market for establishing and promoting your brand.

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