2022 August 15 The Bryan Hyde Show


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The danger of physically losing your freedom is real but the greater threat is to mentally and spiritually give up your freedom. Allan Stevo has a powerful test for seeing if you will give up your guns.

One of the most dangerous lies believed by a majority of the people is that an immoral act can become moral as long as it's done by government. James Corbett says there's no sugar-coating this one: Government itself is immoral.

The ruling class seems to think that telling the world to eat bugs and like it is their prerogative. Jeffrey Tucker reminds us of how lucky we've been and why we need to stand up to this effort to control our food supply.

The intense reaction that the ruling class has toward anyone who advocates freedom is telling. Clarice Feldman says there's panic at the top as the elite contemplate the loss of their cultural and political dominance.

The cultural revolutionaries that are working so hard to dismantle Western Civilization will be shocked to realize that they are of limited usefulness to the power brokers. Mike Konrad says they'd be wise to remember what became of Trotsky, Robespierre and Rohm, once the Thermidor effect kicks in.


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