2022 August 11 The Bryan Hyde Show


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If you had to choose between social media addiction and covid, which would you choose? Paul Rosenberg has an interesting take on this question. He says, social media is an addiction, whereas covid will only mess you up for a few days.

I'm an advocate of not getting too caught up in national and world news that has nothing whatsoever to do with you. Having said that, the green war on Dutch farmers is a story worth following. Very soon we're all going to understand the importance of farmers.

Speaking the truth has always required a bit of courage and it's not getting any easier. Molly Kingsley has a great essay on the demonization of dissent and how it's being used to silence even reasonable questions.

While most of us are feeling economic pain right now, not everyone understands the official origin of that pain. Kent McManigal spells out why need should be met by the people and not the state.

Whether or not you've done any air travel lately, you probably have some frustrations each time you fly. Patrick Carroll explains how airline regulations hurt passengers.

It's hard to say just what the FBI raid of Trump's home may have set in motion. Jim Bovard has a solid take on how the FBI raid exposes Washington's secrecy scams.


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