Life is more than an endless slog of tasks, with Sarah Von Bargen


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Sarah Von Bargen was a highly productive blogger for 14 years, showed up constantly on Instagram, and had years of success on Pinterest.

Sarah also ran several online courses where she helped thousands of people learn to make small, but significant changes to improve their lives.

Using a strategic approach to happiness, Sarah recently mapped out a huge transformation in her own life, pivoting from online internet personality to digital marketing consultant.

On this episode, I’ll dig into what inspired Sarah’s pivot, her methodology for designing a sustainable life, and how she implemented those changes.

More from this episode…

  • Sarah describes how she became a public internet personality, what it’s like, and why she opted for a more private life.
  • Sarah shares her thoughts on social media, and why using it as part of your business model can contribute to burnout.
  • How did Sarah reverse engineer her life based on her needs, and when did she first start getting intentional about her happiness?
  • Why Sarah says she’s giving herself “permission for my career to be the least interesting thing that I’m doing.”
  • Sarah’s “Good Enough” timer, and how she stops herself from falling into the trap of perfectionism.

About Sarah

Sarah Von Bargen has consulted, strategized, and ghostwritten for hundreds of companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Her clients include fashion labels, authors, life coaches, photographers, restaurants, psychologists, interior designers, and people who wouldn’t want you to know they have a ghostwriter. She’s written three ebooks, an e-course, produced and sold four calendars, and has a literary agent and an app in the works.

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