Episode 156: Connecting with the Energy of Your Space with Krystal Holm


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Krystal Holm is a different kind of a Feng Shui Designer & Clutter Expert. She helps “work from home” entrepreneurs declutter FIRST, then design a workspace that empowers them to create the life & business that they want.

Using her proprietary framework, The Designed Life Method℠ Mind, Body, Soul, Home, she helps her clients design spaces & lives they love.

Krystal shows women how to use their workspace as a 3D vision board to help them design who they are becoming & the life they want with it, right into their space.

Krystal and I dish on:

- What Feng Shui actually is and why we should pay attention to it

- Tips everyone can use to get into alignment with their surroundings

- Why decluttering is the necessary first step

- How clutter impacts the energy within your space

- The 5 step process of deciding what item(s) can be marked a clutter

- How your mind and body are related to clutter and what to do about it

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Resources mentioned:

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**Contact Krystal Holm via Facebook or https://www.krystalholm.com/**

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