How to Become a Professional Travel Writer and Get Paid to See the World with Tim Leffel


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Today on the podcast, Mitko (@mitkoka) is joined by a travel writing legend - Tim Leffel (@timleffel). Tim has been a travel blogger since the early 2000s and is the award-winning author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, Travel Writing 2.0, and a book on living abroad long term - A Better Life for Half the Price.

He is also the editor of the narrative web publication Perceptive Travel which was named “best online travel magazine” by the North American Travel Journalists Association and “best travel blog” by the Society of American Travel Writers. He has contributed to more than 50 publications as a freelancer and runs 5 online travel magazines and blogs. He is also the editor of the Nomadico newsletter which he cofounded with Kevin Kelly and publishes tips for working travelers.

💬 Topics Discussed:

  • Why did Tim decide to set up his home base in Mexico?
  • The advantages of living in Mexico for US citizens
  • How has travel and travel writing changed over the last years?
  • The process of starting and then maintaining a travel blog
  • Knowing to define and exploit your market
  • What are some challenges and difficulties people face when they want to become travel bloggers?
  • Can traveling as a job make you dislike travel after a while?
  • Tips for people wanting to get started as a travel blogger and writer
  • Should you get started as a full-time travel blogger/writer right away?
  • How would Tim start his career in travel writing if he was starting out now?
  • Choosing the right platform for yourself
  • The complex and competitive travel market
  • Is the budget traveling space too competitive to write about?
  • How has the remote work revolution affected travel?
  • Do rent sites like Airbnb have a more unified price structure around the world?
  • What are Tim’s predictions for the future of remote work and travel?
  • Finding places to visit and stay beyond the popular nomad destinations
  • Defining your expectations from a city or country when traveling
  • Tim’s tips on taking advantage of geo arbitrage
  • How did Tim end up working with Kevin Kelly on his new newsletter?
  • Is there potential for a dominant digital nomad newsletter?
  • Managing multiple projects at the same time
  • Knowing to define your priorities

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