#2: Micah Lang, Senior Green Building Planner, City of Vancouver


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Micah Lang is catalyzing the zero carbon transition as Sr Green Building Planner at the City of Vancouver. He is a climate change and sustainability professional with expertise in green building policy; local climate change mitigation strategies; greenhouse gas quantification and inventory protocol; sustainable development, water and wastewater access in North America, Latin America, Africa and South Asia. Micah holds an M.S. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

In this podcast, Micah describes his journey towards sustainability, the significance of green buildings, how to incorporate equity issues into green building policy planning design and what the players across the building's value chain need to be doing to fix emissions.

04:02 – Micah's environmental journey

15:31 – Ongoing projects
17:43 – Incorporating equity issues into green building policy planning design
21:20 – Market research on customers

25:58 – Technologies that are enabling the transitions for green buildings
37:47 – Canada Green Building Council's 'The Climate Forward report'

42:58 – Awareness in the media
49:07 – Call to action - broaden social networks (both professional and personal)

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