Stand Firm Parents


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Christian parents do everything they can to help their children come to faith and follow in that faith, but statistically we are failing miserably—most children raised in church and Christian homes leave the faith by age twenty-two and often before that. It’s time for a change. It’s time to flip the script. Stand Firm Parents is doing just that. Pastor and author Jake McCandless has been on a unique journey of helping believers across the world stand firm in their faith for the past ten years. Before the radical changes to life and especially church in 2020, Jake had been encouraging believers to prepare so that they would just survive but strive in difficulty. This journey has led to relationships around the world, learning from the persecuted church, and learning from the leading experts on the topic. Jake now brings that unexpected journey full circle to help families have a faith that lasts. Stand Firm Parents goes against the grain presenting parenting with a fresh perspective that has the end game in mind. Join the community and embark on a journey of seeking the answers that will help our children develop a faith that lasts as new episodes drop bi-monthly.

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