N.F.C. - Breaking Down A Public Land Buck Bed


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On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan breaks down a hunting scenario with a listener who found single buck bed while scouting public land. The guys get in to an in-depth strategy discussion about how todays guest plans on hunting this bed. They talk about everything from what wind direction this buck feels most comfortable in, the terrain surrounding this bed, and how we think running water may impact the thermals in this area.

In this strategy session they also break down the food sources, where to set up an ambush point in his bed to feed pattern, and how to access that ambush point. They also iron out the details about the best time of year to put this plan in to motion and if he feels he will have a higher success rate on a morning or evening hunt. Again, this is an excellent episode where every detail is discussed in hopes of getting a shot on a mature whitetail buck.

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