Paralympic Feels: Wheelchair Basketball Special


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Wheelchair basketball is consistently one of the Paralympic's most popular sports. Fast and furious, ingenious and skilful, it packed out the Curacao 1 Arena at Rio 2016 night after night. The British teams did brilliantly; the women came 4th and the men won the bronze medal. Both are heading for Tokyo as genuine Gold Medal contenders as Sophie Carrigill, one of the key members of the GB team tells us in Episode 6 of "Paralympic Feels", the second series from "Sport and the Feels". But the sport is embroiled in an eligibility row which is has left several players re-classified to the point where they can no longer compete at the Paralympics. GB's George Bates, one of those affected, a reserve in Rio dreaming of Gold in Tokyo, tells presenters Jonathan Overend and Andy Stevenson how it's come to this. He's devastated, calling himself "collateral damage", and is considering an extreme option if his appeal fails. Plus, lockdown equipment challenges and a rude interruption from a sleepover!

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