7.3 [UPDATE] Sabbath Week


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Today at SBCC we did not meet in person, but, instead, took this Sunday as a Sabbath. This allows staff, volunteers, and our community as a whole to rest — in line with our Fields, not Factories mantra. We have compiled a list of “essential” sermons — teachings that heavily influence our life together as a community — and some liturgies for you to listen or process through, in case you were looking for resources to accompany your Sabbath. Teachings A Different Kind of Conversation About Church and Giving A Sacred Conversation: Rooted Faith, Changing World A Sacred Conversation: Sexuality Bible Rehab: Jesus Centered Book (start at 11:12)

Liturgies Our First Experimental Gathering The Lord's Prayer Liturgy Bonus (Studebaker Talk) Welcoming Newcomers with Friendship by Andrea Cramer

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