079: Well Being of Teams with Pip Loader


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Pip helps Leaders build great teams that work. Teams that are engaged, empowered and effective every day. Her work is centred around her 4 Well-Beings of Teams which is the foundation for happier, more productive teams at work. When these fundamentals are in place, leaders spend less time managing poor performance, and more time helping people thrive and shine.

In this conversation, Pip shares:

  • Her accidental journey from office all-rounder to expert in leading great teams
  • The 4 Well-Beings of Teams
  • How leaders can build and lead a team who are clear on their purpose and direction and know what they need to do to get there
  • What happens when teams stray off course and are not working together well
  • What action step can you take right now to do an audit of where you and your team are at


Books: The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPort

Podcast: Leading Above the Line with Michelle Bihary

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