074: LinkedIn for High Value Connections with Adam Franklin


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If you’re someone who likes to start a conversation and yearns for connection, you will reap rewards and opportunities on LinkedIn. However, the challenge with this platform is not to come off as spammy or annoying and to utilise LinkedIn for high-value connections.

In this episode, I chat with Adam Franklin, a LinkedIn expert, best-selling author, and CEO of Bluewire Media. He believes that LinkedIn is a great platform to look for the people you want to build and nurture relationships with; ideal clients and partners are there.

Leaders who commit to being visible and creating remarkable content on LinkedIn, attract the right talent into their organisation or team. They also position themselves as the authority in their field and develop the know-like-trust factor that is essential for high-value connections.

Time Stamps:

  • Adam's entrepreneurial journey (01:57)
  • What was Adam doing before starting his business (05:03)
  • The clients he typically serves (06:00)
  • Why do people need to be on LinkedIn? (10:23)
  • How do we project as experts on LinkedIn without being spammy? (13:38)
  • How LinkedIn creates a more significant impact for an organisation leader? (22:55)
  • The must-have features of a LinkedIn profile (25:05)

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