071: How To Be An Effective Leader In Decision Making With Rob Hartnett


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Decision-making is a crucial skill to be an effective leader. Decisions that are well-crafted help organisations move towards goals and best outcomes. In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I welcome back my first podcast guest, Rob Hartnett. He is the Vice President of Growth for APAC for NeuroLeadership Institute. Rob talks about what affects decision-making and how to make efficient and effective decisions.

We have to remember that decision-making is dependent on our habits, beliefs, opinions, and experiences. These aspects unintentionally create our biases, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

In Rob’s discussion of the SEEDS Model, he talks about the five major groups of biases that affect how we form decisions. Knowing our biases makes us mindful of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and actions, moreover, we become intentional with the results we want.

An effective leader knows how to evaluate situations and assess whether our bias is serving us or hindering us from reaching the best decision for our organisations.

Time Stamps:

  • Rob's entrepreneurial journey (00:38)
  • What affects decision-making? (03:45)
  • The SEEDS Model (06:17)
  • How do we uncover our own bias? (18:17)
  • The impact of facilitators in decision-making (22:53)
  • The programs of NeuroLeadership Institute for organisations (30:50)

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