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ARTS. LIFESTYLE. SNS ONLINE. SNS Online started its life as a weekly hour long LGBTQ magazine/music show on national Irish dance music station, RTÉ Pulse - running on and off for four years. Since then the show has evolved as an online showcase for actors, musicians, journalists, authors, script writers, stand-up comedians and more - all in the form of exclusive/in-depth one-to-one interviews (with full illustration and free download availability). These shows are independent podcasts produced to the highest professional standards and are non-profit making (also unhindered by advertising). Nick himself describes SNS Online as an 'audio love letter' to all who take part. But don't take his word for it - dive in! SNS Online's Nick Randell has worked in radio/TV sound for over 25 years at the BBC. He has also presented for the BBC World Service - 'Pop Phrases' (a 20 part BBC English series), the UK top ten for the Azeri stream (in English, not Azeri!), radio packages for numerous BBC regions (also World Service), and finally Irish national, RTÉ (four series of weekly hour shows - music/features/guests Weds 7-8pm). TV appearances Blue Peter (BBC One), The One Show (BBC One), Gaytime TV (BBC Two), The Working Life (ITV). Was once described as 'some BBC suit' by The Guardian's Media Monkey, after Nick wrote a letter to Ariel which got misinterpreted. Many other 'ScratchNSniff' shows are available to be heard via Mixcloud by searching there for SNS Online - they include interviews with script writers, Joe Lidster & Gail Renard, Vocal coach, Elspeth Morrison, dance music producers/DJs, Jaded Kid & Mark Loverush, and gay historian, Michael Brown. Website: Facebook: SNS Online Twitter: ScratchNTweet Mixcloud: Email: EXTRAORDINARY LIVES. ONLINE.

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