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Glynn unearths paradise. A geoscientist journeys deep into the Amazon Rainforest in search of a mythical river. And a revolutionary living in exile does the unexpected. Snap presents a classic, “Shangri-La.”


“The Perfect Spot”

Backpackers are scouring Southeast Asia looking for the magical spot, but Glynn has the inside tip.

Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller

“Boiling River”

Andres Ruzo tried to track down a legend he’s heard his grandfather talk about in stories when he was a little boy. He found the stuff of legends, and then was faced with the choices, and burdens of knowing a valuable secret.

Find out more in Andres Ruzo’s book, The Boiling River. Check out the Boiling River Project, the TED talk, and the TED book.

Produced by Anna Sussman, sound design by Leon Morimoto

“For Love and Revolution”

In the 1970s Truman Capote interviewed Watani Stiner, a young revolutionary serving time in San Quentin for the death of two Black Panthers. Then… things got interesting.

Produced by Sukey Lewis & Mark Ristich, sound design by Leon Morimoto

Season 13 - Episode 2 - Snap Classic

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