(In English) 15. SmartTalks - David Sturdee "A journey to C-Suite"


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"Nothing moves your career better than making other people look good"
David, the COO & CCO of Yum!Brans Pizza Hut ( UK & Europe) was kind enough to accept my invitation to SmartTalks and I was so excited to host him.
📌 Who is David Sturdee?
📌 What was the scenario with him about being a C-level executive?
📌 His story with Yum Brands
📌 Transformation and change management, the challenges he ran into on his career
📌 Challenges working at US and UK organization operations
📌 How can you prepare for the C-suite management role?
📌 Mistakes and failures through career path
📌 Managing the process when he got promoted
📌 Is there really game of thrones on up levels?
📌 As a C suite executive, how does he balance strategy vs. culture? What kind of actions does he take in these kinds of situations?
📌 When you became a top-level manager did you have to deal with the structure or did you have to change something?
📌 The impostor syndrome
📌 Tips for being a top level manager
📌 How does he self-motivate?

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