Reservoir Dogs (1992)


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“Reservoir Dogs” isn’t the kind of movie a rookie podcaster should touch. It’s an icon of the ‘90s, the debut of a game-changing director, perhaps even the birth of a new genre. So we waited, and we learned, and we put nearly 300 movies in the toilet before accepting the challenge laid out by listener Jody G: Question whether the 1992 heist flick holds up after 30 years.

Anyone who’s seen “Reservoir Dogs” remembers the nonlinear storytelling, the violence, the snappy dialogue, and the shots that would end up as T-shirts, coffee mugs, car decals. But you almost never hear movie fans talking about Tim Roth’s horrible accent, the long run time or the logical flaws.

In this episode, the Shat Crew discusses how Mr. Blonde inspires Gene to be better in the office, why Big D loves the “Reservoir Dogs” soundtrack, and how Quentin Tarantino saved money while blowing Ash’s mind.






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