Delving In with Stuart Kelter


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Knowledge-seeker and psychologist Stuart Kelter shares his joy of learning and “delving in.” Ready? Let’s delve... Join Chris Churchill on the possible reasons why the search for intelligent life in the universe is coming up empty. Let’s hear from Israeli psychiatrist Pesach Lichtenberg about a promising approach to schizophrenia—going mainstream in Israel—that uses minimal drugs and maximal support through the crisis, rejecting the presumption of life-long disability. Find out what Pulitzer Prize winning historian, David Kertzer learned from recently opened Vatican records about Pius XII, the Pope During WWII. We explore the fascinating and intriguing... What did journalist Eve Fairbanks learn about race relations in post-Apartheid South Africa? Did you realize there were dozens and dozens of early women scientists? Let’s find out about them through a sampling of poems with poet Jessy Randall. How shall we grapple with the complexities of the placebo effect in drug development and medical practice? Harvard researcher Kathryn Hall confirms just how complicated it really is! But beware: increasing one’s knowledge leads to more and more questions. If that appeals to you, join us on “Delving In”! The interviews of the Delving In podcast were first broadcast on KTAL-LP, the community radio station of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The full archive of well over 100 interviews can be found at

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