EP 79: Mid-Career Transition Success Story with Steve McMichael


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In this episode, Kip and Jason are joined by Steve McMichael who has rapidly climbed the cybersecurity career ladder. Within 2 years, Steve was able to move up to the position of Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for a large, publicly traded company after transitioning from a position in accounting and financing.

They talk about governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and how those are applied within enterprise-level organizations. Steve also talks about how GRC is conducted at his organization and how they work across numerous departments to achieve their goals.

In general, getting into a governance, risk, and compliance position can get you exposure across a large breadth of your organization. Compliance positions also give you direct access to a lot of the executives within the company, allowing you to rapidly scale upward in your career.

Also, Kip discusses what skills are required of a good Chief Information Officer (CIO) and how working in a governance, risk, and compliance role can help you get to a CIO role in your career.

What You’ll Learn

What is governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)?

● Are GRC positions underrated?

● How to get a job as a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

● ·What are some key success factors required in a GRC role?

● ·What is digital transformation versus automation?

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