Defining Leaders With Kristin Gupta


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Welcome to the Defining Leaders podcast. Defining Leaders was founded by the idea that together is better. We started as a virtual community that worked together to help develop and lift each other up, helping to boost one another’s careers and make work a better place to be. We wanted to grow that community. So, we decided to bring it here. Many of us struggle to find support and direction within our professional journeys. Our companies and organizations struggle in developing their internal leaders, and don’t always know where to go for help. We have created a community that focuses on helping our members find authentic connection, discovery, and empowerment so they can find a healthy, enjoyable, and fulfilling career. With topics like “Find Your Purpose”, “Resilience”, and “Moving from Player to Coach”, In each episode we tackle challenging issues that we face today and hear real life stories of those that have been there, gaining from their experiences. We will also hear stories from those who have struggled. Because you’re not in this alone. We are real, community based, passion driven, and accepting. We want to make sure you feel at home, and have an opportunity to find your growth here. I’m your host, Kristin Gupta, The Connector of People. You’re invited to join our community and share your story at

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