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Featured on Voices of Compassion are CHC mental health, wellness and learning specialists, parents in the trenches and other experts who can help us with the mighty job of raising compassionate and courageous kids. CHC focuses on ADHD, Learning Differences, Autism, Anxiety & Depression, providing best-in-class learning and mental health services to kids, teens and families. CHC’s Voices of Compassion Podcast host Cindy Lopez has worked in K-12 education for roughly 30 years as both a teacher and an administrator, in public and private schools. Find us online at podcasts.chconline.org or email us at podcasts@chconline.org. Find us on Facebook @chc.paloalto, Twitter and Instagram @CHC_paloalto, and visit our YouTube channel at chconlinepaloalto. And we are on LinkedIn. Subscribe to Voices of Compassion on Apple podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps! Sign up for our Virtual Village email list at chconline.org/enews so you never miss an update or an episode. I always love to hear from you so send me an email or a voice memo at podcasts@chconline.org.

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