BRAIN STEW - Halloween Ends! A conversation with Sean Clark


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It's the time you've all been waiting for. We are so honored to once again be joined by Sean Clark (Horror's Hallowed Grounds, The Thing With Two Heads Podcast) to take a stab at the most divisive movie in the Halloween series, HALLOWEEN ENDS!

Sean talks about attending the Hollywood premiere, the afterparty and we give our thoughts on what works and what doesn't work in the movie. This is a really special episode for us so we hope you have a blast with it.


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Meet the BRAIN STEW crew

Justin lives in a suburb of Washington D.C. after moving from the Binghamton, NY area with his wife and daughter. He is our resident "encyclopedia of film" and chances are, if you've heard some film news, Justin already heard it before you. A massive fan of the '80s and horror flicks of all shapes and sizes! Catch him on Facebook or our Instagram account, or on our Twitter @EpicFilmGuys.

Jeremy lives in Woodbridge VA. He is a diehard Horror expert, memorabilia collector, and overly enthusiastic movie fan. He has traveled the world far and wide, meeting celebrities, collecting rare movie artifacts and meeting hundreds of members of the horror community. If you don't know who he is now, you soon will. Catch him on Facebook or on his Instagram at @jt_pumpkin_gutz

Brady lives just outside of Boston, MA. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Political Science, and is currently pursuing his Master's of English Studies at ASU (Forks Up). After falling in love with horror and devouring any 80s/90s horror he could get his hands on, he started writing for Epic Film Guys in early 2021. Currently, he spends his time reading up on new authors in the horror genre, visiting any New England landmark referenced in boom or film, and listening to Creed. Catch him on Twitter @BradyCloven and on Instagram @bacloven

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