WTKA Roundtable 11/4/2021: The Voice of the Jackal


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Things discussed:

  • How did they lose that game?
  • The 4th down over-discussed. No doubt it was PI(x2) so there’s really no argument.
  • Cade’s Day: wasn’t just great but great under pressure: 350 of Michigan’s passing yards were on passing downs or clock situations.
  • McCarthy in the redzone? We’re still in favor.
  • Someone should tell Macdonald that the spotting rules are different in college—you don’t have time to substitute! Third one was the most boggling because it was late in the game and they had been burned twice.
  • Defensive breakdowns: DTs getting out of their lanes, and they’re not the starters. Hawkins and Moten both missed chances to stop long TD runs.
  • Run game issues: 90% of them were Jacob Slade, the best DT we’ve faced this year.
  • MSU brought safeties down but that didn’t explain a lot of the passing game, since those yards were on passing downs.
  • Andrel Anthony: I got to make a comp to all the Ones. Denard-like debut.
  • The overturned TD over-discussed. No reasonable person trying to officiate that game fairly overturns that, which means the Big Ten has a problem. Other officiating things—it was VERY one-sided, to the point where I couldn’t do the normal refs- stuff in UFR. Seth: The overturned TD isn’t a controversy; it’s a fact. That this game was a case example of officiating changing the result isn’t a controversy; it’s a fact. Proposed solution is to get professional referees.
  • Kenneth Walker nearly got the Worst Rule in Sports on him.
  • One call they missed against Michigan: Morris put Kenneth Walker in a choke hold, should be suspended for it.
  • Indiana thoughts, Boiler up!

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