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This week on The Ocean Cruisers podcast we are speaking with Janaye & Jason from the Youtube Sailing Channel, Leading the Escapade

Janaye & Jason were both running their own business’s in Australia and saving for a house before they decided to start cruising. Janaye worked in the Beauty & Fashion industry and Jason worked in the Construction industry.

After they became inspired to live on a sailboat they decided to move to Greece and start the boat search. They chose a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 and after some upgrades and getting the boat cruiser ready they took off with no sailing experience, learning along the way.

They have so far sailed the waters of Greece, Albania, Turkey and Montenegro and intend to explore the rest of the mediterranean before crossing the Atlantic and heading over to The Caribbean

If you want to follow Janaye & Jason’s journey, check out their YouTube channel, Leading the Escapade.


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