S6 Ep57: It’s Spoopy Season


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This weekend we have entered into Spoopy Season with the beginning of October upon us. We start a monthlong segment on our favorite horror films. Joro Spiders are taking over the Southeast United States.
We have new merchandise for sale see the links below. Ted Lasso seems to have driven a wedge. Elvira makes accusations about a corpse.
And as always we find out What’s In The News?, Who Died?, What Did We Watch This Week?, Views or Snooze? and get our weekly BarkvilleRescue.org update with Steph. (Steph's out this week)
Hang around for a special Thank You to our Patreon Producers.
Keep it Canon!
#Spooky #MidnightMass #JoroSpider #Halloween #HorrorMovies #TedLasso #TheFog #TheFly #DrWho
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Host: Tim Andrews
Co-Hosts: Jeff Leiboff, Stephanie Swain and Dustin Lollar
Video edited and produced by Dustin Lollar
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