S3E08: ”Lover‘s Walk”


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It’s your boy, Spike, back in town to wreak havoc and … feel sorry for himself? That’s right, the bad boy has been reduced to emo boy after being dumped by Dru. Circumstances conspire to cause him to kidnap Xander and Willow in the hopes that Willow can cast a love spell that brings Dru back to him. The clock is ticking for Angel and Buffy to find her friends—but Cordelia and Oz beat them to it, with devastating consequences.

Hear us discuss…

  • We just love that Spike is back
  • Angel is being a supportive bf
  • In fact, everyone is being super supportive of Buffy, yay!
  • Willow seriously needs to learn about consent
  • Cordelia and Oz do not deserve any of this

Trigger warnings

Body horror, traumatic injury


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