Health Care and Dairy Data – Taliah Danzinger, VAS (Sponsored Podcast)


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What do health care and dairy have in common? Both are using data and technological advancements to provide better care. In this episode, Taliah Danzinger, VAS manager of education and training, dives into parallels between industries, how we can make better use of data and what the future of dairy data looks like.

In her role, Taliah performs dairy herd data evaluation and educates producers, industry partners and academia on the applications and analysis of the data through VAS' software solutions. She also provides education on how to use VAS products and services, including DairyComp and the VAS PULSE Platform. Taliah brings on-farm experience to her role as a herd manager for a 300-cow robotic dairy and her ownership of a small dairy herd.

Here is the episode breakdown:

  1. 0:57 – Welcome, Taliah
  2. 1:55 – Hurdles with today’s dairy data
  3. 2:42 – Parallels between health care and the dairy industry
  4. 4:29 – How to help farmers manage their data
  5. 5:57 – Real-life data scenarios
  6. 7:17 – Data collaboration for key players on every farm
  7. 8:13 – Platforms making the most of dairy data
  8. 10:04 – Evolution of benchmarking and dairy software
  9. 11:58 – Future of dairy data

This episode is sponsored by VAS.

VAS is focused on your dairy’s future with software and information solutions that help collect and connect your farm’s data. Learn more at

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