For the Martyrs Founder Gia Chacon Interviews with Matthew Kelly


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The Gia Chacon Interview with Matthew Kelly
New York Times bestselling author Matthew Kelly interviews Gia Chacon, founder of For the Martyrs and March for the Martyrs.
Christian persecution is a rising issue in our world. It’s hard to believe, but the same Christian church that was brutally persecuted in its early days by the Roman empire, is still the most persecuted religious group on the planet today, and it’s getting worse with every passing year.
Gia Chacon is my guest today. She has witnessed first-hand Christians being persecuted, imprisoned, and killed for their faith in the modern world.
Our conversation is a testament to incredible faith. From the moment of conversion that led her to quit her dream job, to her first mission experience, the incredible work her non-profit is doing, and the astounding faith of the persecuted church around the world.
Millions of Christians are facing high levels of persecution every day. Gia Chacon is doing something about it. I pray this interview sets your faith on fire. Watch. Listen. Reflect. And share.
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