EP217 - It's Not You, It's Google Ads


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#ppcchat Twitter discussion that runs on Tuesdays at 5pm GMT - Led by Amalia Fowler (@AmaliaEFowler)

Q1 : It's well known there are a *lot* of changes that happen to the Google Ads platform and therefore, how we work. What changes have stymied you or frustrated you the most recently?

Q2 Let's start with match type shifts and lack of SQR data. How has this affected your account, and what strategies have you found to mitigate it? Don't forget to indicate if you have specific industry strategies for Ecomm, Lead Gen or B2B

Q3 Moving on to RSAs. With the sunset (death) of ETAs, what is your go-to RSA strategy? Do you have one, or like me, are you just figuring it out as you go? (If you're a client reading this don't worry I have a strategy called test it and see)

Q4 On to Performance Max. Just a quick one to start. Have you tried Pmax? Yes/No and why?

Q5 For those of you who have tried Performance Max - what tips and tricks or things to avoid can you give those of us on the fence (or way, way over in a faraway field)? If you haven't tried it, what in particular could someone help you with?

Q6 We're often stuck between the needs of stakeholders (bosses, clients) and Google's changes. What advice do you have on approaching those stakeholders and balancing those interests?

Q7 7a: What do you wish Google would do differently when releasing new features? 7b: What's something you learned from someone today you didn't know before?

Thank you for listening!

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