Using Your Podcast To Market Your Niche Business with Norm Bour: Season 03 Ep.10


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Norm Bour is the producer and host of Vape Radio (the voice of and for businesses within the Vape Space) and the founder of VapeMentors. Norm shares his insight as a business man who has found his podcast to be a powerful marketing tool in his niche. But first, we start with a few podcasting confessions this week.

Norm's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Norm recommends having a podcast as an adjunct to any niche business as a powerful, and multi-use marketing tool.
  • Norm admits he is not the most knowledgable person in his industry, but by interviewing experts in the Vaping industry, he has learned a lot, and become an authority by virtue of having a podcast that puts valuable information out about the Vaping business. This model will work with any niche business.
  • His podcast has given him VIP access to industry events because Vape Radio qualifies him as a member of the media.
  • Norm has also had the opportunity to speak at industry events all over the world thanks to the authority he has established in the Vape space with his book and podcast.
  • Norm stresses that it is important to understand your audience. With so much competition for attention, podcasts who find a specific audience will have success. In his case, his audience is Vape business owners or future business owners. By having such a specific audience, he knows what they need to know, what they are passionate about, and where they hang out on and offline.
  • Norm recommends podcasting about something you are extremely passionate about. Most likely you will not directly monetize your podcast so its important that you love your topic, and get personal fulfillment from your podcast to have any hope for longevity.

Norm's hypothetical podcast about his life: "He Never Gave Up" **This comes with a powerful story from Norm that will give you chills.

Norm's Fantasy Podcaster: John F. Kennedy

Be sure to check out Vape Radio on Podbean and iTunes and take a look at all that Norm has accomplished with the help of his podcast at

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