Jen and Vernon Spill The Podbeans On PodAds: Season 4 Ep. 08


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Jen and Vernon are fresh from their experience at Podcast Movement 2018 with lots of news to share! After 5 years producing The Social Strategy Podcast, Vernon calls it quits and tells us why. He is also excited to announce the launch of his new podcast, The Space Between! We also learn that there is no shame in pod fading, there is only shame in doing something that no longer inspires you.

Podbean recently launched PodAds, and it has a lot of podcasters talking! PodAds was designed to help the indie podcaster monetize their show, and help the local advertiser reach audiences located in specific areas of the United States and the world. It's all very exciting and Jen and Vernon break down how it works, and encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Podbean contributed to Rev's FREE Podcasting 101 Guide along with Resonate Recordings, Samson, Podcast Engineering School, and Social Media Rescue. The guide is available on Rev's site--no email required! While you are there you can enter for a chance to win a podcast launch package with items from all the contributors, including a year of free hosting (Unlimited Audio Plan) and a featured spot on Podbean's App, from Podbean!

Vernon is excited about speaking at B&H Photo on August 2nd at 1pm in New York City for their recorded workshop: Connect, Communicate and Create: Starting Your Podcast Sponsored by Samson

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