Episode 9 - "Oracle Night" with "Sound of Metal," "Red, White and Blue," and "Mank" Talks


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pivotalfilmpodcast@gmail.com, www.twitter.com/filmpivotal, www.pivotalfilm.com. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe, and strong, and passionate, and as positive as they can. Its new movie season folks. Mario and Tom talk about the new Riz Ahmed film, “Sound of Metal,” now streaming on Amazon Prime (7:10), the new “Small Axe,” entry starring John Boyega, “Red, White, and Blue,” (23:10), and “Mank,” David Fincher’s new Netflix movie (35:55). Then they wait around in nature, hoping for someone to show up with their number 9’s in a case: Tom (1:06:45), Mario (1:31:40). On Tap!!! We’re still getting “funky,” weird, strange. In that spirit this week we go back to Stratford for Athletic Brewing’s All Out, an Extra Dark NA beer. https://athleticbrewing.com/products/all-out-stout-non-alcoholic-6-pack (2:05). Music Credits: “Her Eyes Play Tricks on the Camera” – Robert Pollard, “Pivotal Film” – Guided by Voices, “Sugarcube” – Yo La Tengo, “Ghost” – Neutral Milk Hotel.

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