Episode 5 - "Decision of Meat" with "United States vs Billie Holiday," and "Tom and Jerry" talks


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pivotalfilmpodcast@gmail.com, www.twitter.com/filmpivotal, www.pivotalfilm.com. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe, and strong, and passionate, and as positive as they can. We made it to the top five everyone! But first we have some work to do. First Lee Daniels’s Billie Holiday biopic “The United States of America vs. Billie Holiday” (11:30), and “Tom and Jerry” (32:20). Yeesh…this was a tough week. Then Mario and Tom try to decide whether to look to the future of their number 5’s or the past: Tom (50:15), Mario (1:44:00) On Tap!!! We’re staying weird, or at least uncommon: From Hoof Hearted Brewing – from Ohio but brewed in partnership with 12 Percent Collective in North Haven – Combat Spandex, a Sour triple IPA brewed with Mango, kiwi, vanilla and milk sugar added (5:10) http://www.hoofheartedbrewing.com/ Music Credits: “Her Eyes Play Tricks on the Camera” – Robert Pollard, “Pivotal Film” – Guided by Voices, “Sugarcube” – Yo La Tengo, “Ghost” – Neutral Milk Hotel.

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