Connect with YOUR FUTURE MEMORIES: Remember the Future & The Time Travellers Memory with Luisa


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WATCH THIS EPISODE: What if you could Remember the Future! Your soul is not imprisoned in tiny boxes or days or weeks or months or years or even centuries. I encourage you to think and feel beyond space and time. Find out more about PASSION MASTERY- PRIVATE COACHING with Luisa … 3-month private coaching journey of spiritual evolution as we explore and create a unique vision for your life. Time has open ends in all directions, otherwise possibilities and probabilities would not exist. You have the power to have far greater abilities to perceive future memories than you can ever imagine. Each action creates other possibilities of itself – or other actions, outcomes from the infinite energy of the universe – which in itself is never still. In this episode of Luisa TV, I share with you tips on how to connect with your Future Self, your Future Memories - in order to open your timelines to infinite possibilities and probabilities. "When we think about the future, we are actually remembering it!." If you’ve ever searched for how to live life, to find meaning, to discover purpose, you will LOVE this episode. We are vibrational beings – everything is energy, vibration, sound. As you give your attention to something - a memory – you are actually activating energy, this now becomes a point of attraction and becomes a part of your vibrational essence, and this starts to merge with the you and you. Thinking about something - is inviting it into your experience. You are not imprisoned in time! There is a constant interchanging occurring between what you think of your past, present and future selves. Your actions NOW can affect the future personality as well as the past one. I encourage you to stretch your imagination and feel these realties - it is true the intellect alone cannot understand or comprehend them. It’s important that your future self is someone you want to become, and someone you can learn from. Those who live the most rewarding lives aren’t those who know exactly what they are doing before they start out. Rather, they are those who are willing to pursue new undertakings despite the uncertainty. YOU create your future in every moment. From this instant state of reality, you form and change not only the future, but the past. This means that you change and effect ALL events. Allow the change...Your future self will thank you. With Much Love, Luisa x If you liked this episode, please do subscribe to our channel and let us inspire you to live a life you love. ❤️ Thank you for watching! 🗝️Passion Mastery: Private Coaching with Luisa ➡️ Create a unique vision for your life. 💜Intuited Reading ➡️ Intuited information from the multi-Dimensional. P.S - If Passion Harvest enriches your life in any way, please consider supporting it with a donation – it remains free and alive thanks to patronage. If you already donate I appreciate you more than you know. Here is the link Passion Harvest Website: Passion Harvest on Social You Tube: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: Soundcloud: iTunes: Leave a Podcast Review in iTunes #LuisaTV #Passionharvest #FutureMemories

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