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Conservative, Liberal, Centrist: You gotta screw one, marry one, murder one. Introducing Party of One. What's the real difference between a Republican and a Democrat? Still believe the game's red vs. blue in Washington? Here's something new for your ears. Party of One pushes past the political posturing and ramped-up rhetoric of division, to uncover a much scarier reality: It's business that's booming, and we're the ones losing. And the stakes couldn't be higher. Tune in for conversations with real reformers like Lawrence Lessig, Chris Hedges, Kshama Sawant, Alice Slater, Aaron Hamlin and more. Party of One is a six-part series that’ll explode everything you thought you knew about American politics. Coming July 4th with new episodes weekly. Happy Birthday, America. From Maffick Podcasts. Produced by Amanda Getty and Gregory Haddock.

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