Sharvette Mitchell: Montetize Your Expertise Online


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In this show learn about some of the strategies and tools to make money with your expertise. My guest is Sharvette Mitchell who brings to the table, 25 years past experience in corporate America in the field of training & development and Consumer Compliance. Sharvette provides web design services for entrepreneurs so that they can generate revenue with an amazing online brand. In conjunction to web design, Sharvette is a Coach & Trainer and conducts personal & group training and seminars with emphasis on the use of Facebook marketing, branding strategies and creation of digital products. She is a past recipient of the Richmond Star Award, ACHI Magazine’s – Radio Personality of The Year Award and has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, HOPE for Women Magazine, DIVA By Design Magazine, CEO Magazine, Glambitious Magazine, Rescue A CEO Blog & Sista Sense Magazine. Sharvette has also been seen on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning and Comcast Cable. For over 10 years, she has hosted a weekly talk radio show, The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, She is a co-author in two books, Mogul In the Makingand Get It Done! Design The Business of Your Dreams. Hear how to MONETIZE YOUR PLATFORM WITH VIRTUAL PRODUCTS & COURSES. Learn strategies and tools to make money with your expertise. Do any of these statements sound like YOU? Do you always have people reaching out to pick your brain? Do you have highly sought-after skills that you know could help your audience but you get stuck on what to do with that skill? Are you tired of feeling invisible while others get brand recognition AND customers? ===>

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