Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference: Cameka Smith


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Entrepreneurs Conference Hosted by Nationwide, May 23-26, Hilton Chicago, Chicago IL The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo attracts more than 1,500 attendees annually. Entrepreneurs from all over the country come together to take in everything the conference has to offer—from informative sessions, high-powered speakers including broadcaster, author and The Smiley Group CEO Tavis Smiley, and networking opportunities, to essential tools for emerging and established entrepreneurs. Host Committee chair, Cameka Smith will discuss the country’s premier business conference and networking event for African American entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professionals. Cameka D. Smith is the CEO (Chief Eventeur Officer) of City Global Events, Inc and Founder of The BOSS Network. Her vision is to inspire women to build a legacy by creating opportunities to network, develop and build their brands. Both her companies focus on female branding and bringing opportunities for women to grow holistically. Cameka resides in Chicago

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