What it Takes to be a Collection Agent, with Collectors Ourvashi, Zak and Jay


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Ever wondered what it’s like for the people who make collection calls for a living? Meet Ourvashi, Zak and Jay, three collectors at MetCredit. Learn why Jay, a former nurse and father of three, Ourvashi with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance, and Zak, a university graduate with loads of ambition, decided to work at MetCredit — and thrived in their professional and personal lives.
Succeeding in collections takes commitment and tenacity — and these three very different individuals will impress on you why it’s a challenge worth taking on for the right candidate. Their stories of strength, learning and satisfaction help reset the way you think of debt collection as a career and the people who look forward to coming to work every day at MetCredit’s offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Mississauga and Montréal.

Open your mind and check out this episode. You’ll probably find that a job in collections is not what you imagined—and may even find it’s right for you.

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