Pamela Karanova - Season 2, Episode 1.


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Jack and I recorded this episode with adoptee activist Pamela Karanova back in early 2022. Pamela is a fearless and talented writer and Founder of both Adoptees Connect and Authenticity Over Alcohol. Since the time of our conversation, Pamela lost her birth father, so we added a brief condolence to the beginning of the recording. Stepping away from the Adage format of Season I, we discuss Pam's struggles with relinquishment and grief, inhabiting 'badness' and her never-ending quest to take control of her narrative and find authenticity in sobriety. I have great admiration for Pam and believe the adoptee community has benefited enormously from her bravery and leadership. Rock on with your bad self Pamela Karanova!

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-Michael Rocco 8.2.22

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