9. Cruising out of Covid, Part 2 with Jay Schneider, Royal Caribbean


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Leveraging technology to deliver safe and seamless customer experiences is enabling Royal Caribbean to set sail in a pandemic world.

About Jay Schneider

An innovative and accomplished executive, Jay Schneider became Senior Vice President and Chief Product Innovation Officer of Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) in 2020, responsible for the development of the private destinations, beach clubs and new product innovation for the Royal Caribbean International brand. In addition, he leads the corporate digital organization and effort, aimed at the digital transformation of our guest and employee experience through the use of technology, for RCL. He joined RCL in 2016 as Senior Vice President, Digital and brings more than 20 years of experience in addressing digital/technology strategy and experience development.

Prior to joining RCL, Schneider served as Vice President, Digital Guest Experience for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, where he successfully implemented the strategy, development and introduction of digital products for guests of the company's destinations and businesses around the world. Schneider also held top digital executive positions within the Walt Disney Company and in other leading businesses, including UW Health as Director, eHealth Innovation. Schneider attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he received his bachelor’s degree.


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