Side Hustle Idea ­čĺí Teespring Part 2


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Assalamu Alaikum, it's your Nomad Consultant here with a short series to discuss the wonderful world of side hustles. In Part 2 I discuss all about the world of T-Shirt printing and discuss about SomaliForKids merchandise which is a project I am doing with a group of professionals. Link below In the last video I discussed about selling your items on platforms like Etsy and Ebay and also answer a question from a comment on the last video on what to sell by giving an example of something I am trying out on Etsy. Link below If you missed Part 1 then you can watch here - Let me know if a side hustle is something you are already doing and if it has been successful for you or not. Peace and Love Nomad Consultant #business #sidehustle #tshirt #teespring

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