#14: Cowboys jump to #2, Bengals strong, Vikings and 49ers questions, and Baker destinations


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The NFL Power Rankings Podcast with Colleen Wolfe and Dan Hanzus begins with the Cowboys jumping up to #2 in the rankings while the Bengals hurdle the Chiefs up to #3. Dan feels like Cincy is the team to beat in the AFC right now. The Vikings are 10-2 but don't seem to measure up to the top tier teams. The 49ers lose Jimmy Garoppolo but stay in the top ten until we see what happens to this talented team. Colleen thinks the Dolphins will be tested in the coming weeks and Tua Tagovailoa will have to step up. How much confidence do you have in the Ravens? The Buccaneers are waiting for Tom Brady to find his passing touch. Dan still has hope for the Raiders and explains why they're still in the mix. Meanwhile, the Lions and Packers are staying alive in the rankings and Baker Mayfield is looking for a new team.

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