Primary Election Preview & Missing and Murdered Investigations in Navajo Nation | 5.30.22


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Correspondent Antonia Gonzales sits down with the FBI’s top agent in New Mexico and a Navajo criminal investigator to find out if a new Navajo language initiative is working, and to understand some of the other obstacles when it comes to investigating crimes on tribal lands.

The Line Opinion Panel dives into the key races in the primary election and dissects the recent barrage of attack ads. Former weatherman Mark Ronchetti and State Representative Rebecca Dow are airing targeted ads, both claiming to be more closely aligned to Donald Trump than their opponent. The Panel explores the effectiveness of those tactics, and the heated race for the democratic nomination for Attorney General.

Plus, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver joins Producer Lou DiVizio to discuss the Primary Election and what new wrinkles voters can expect when they head to the polls.


Antonia Gonzales

Lou DiVizio


Raul Bujanda, FBI, special agent in charge, New Mexico

Malcolm Leslie, captain, Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico Secretary Of State

The Line Host:

Gene Grant

Line Opinion Panelists:

Serge Martinez, professor, UNM School of Law

Dan Foley, former New Mexico state representative

Inez Russell Gomez, editorial page editor, Santa Fe New Mexican

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