Calf Canyon Wildfire Cause Revealed & Our Land: Dairy Cows Euthanized After PFAS Exposure | 6.6.22


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The Line Opinion Panel discusses the troubling news that both the Hermit’s Peak and Calf Canyon fires began as prescribed burns conducted by the U.S. Forest Service. The Panel also touches on new concerns over the burn scar left by the fire. Experts say it could lead to disastrous flash flooding once monsoon season comes around.

The Line Opinion Panel also discusses the economic implications of a potential interstate that would cut through New Mexico. The international trade route would stretch from Laredo, Texas, connecting to I-25 in Raton, New Mexico.

In Clovis, N.M., Art Schaap of Highland Dairy has had to euthanize more than 3,500 dairy cows contaminated with toxic chemicals from Cannon Air Force Base. New Mexico Environment Department Secretary James Kenney talks about the pollution—and about the cow carcasses, which must be treated as “hazardous waste” because of the high levels of PFAS that remain in them. Warning: graphic content.

Line Host:

Gene Grant

Line Opinion Panelists:

Algernon D’Ammassa, reporter, Las Cruces Sun-News

Sophie Martin, attorney

Diane Snyder, former NM State Senator


Laura Paskus


James Kenney, secretary, New Mexico Environment Department

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