Analyzing Polling in State Races, Wildfire Impacts Linger & Navajo Novelist Releases Acclaimed Thriller


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Host Lou DiVizio previews the week ahead at New Mexico in Focus, and runs through the top state headlines impacting New Mexicans.

Gene Grant hosts a discussion with our Line Opinion Panel about new polling in statewide races that shows Democrats with big leads.

Gene and the Panel also assess the dire situation in Las Vegas where ash and wildfire debris have contaminated the city’s drinking water source.

New Mexico in Focus Correspondent Antonia Gonzales sits down with a Navajo novelist to talk about her new book ‘Shutter,’ which follows a young woman from the Navajo Nation who becomes a forensic photographer. Author Ramona Emerson also explains why she thinks it’s so important for indigenous people to tell indigenous stories.

Host: Lou DiVizio

Line Host: Gene Grant

The Line Opinion Panel:

Algernon D’Ammassa, investigative & enterprise reporter, Las Cruces Sun-News

Rebecca Latham, CEO, Girl Scouts of New Mexico

Dede Feldman, fmr. New Mexico State Senator

Guests: Ramona Emerson, author, filmmaker, Diné

For More Information:

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Democrats lead big in races for 4 state offices, poll results say- Albuquerque Journal

Poll: Lujan Grisham leads Ronchetti by 7 points, Dems lead other statewide races- NM Political Report

‘This has turned itno hell’- Santa Fe New Mexican

Las Vegas struggles with post-fire water pollution- Santa Fe New Mexican

The Age of Consequence: Wildfires in New Mexico- NM Political Report

Forest Service to reseed McBride Fire burn scar- Albuquerque Journal

Las Vegas Now Faces Water Shortage After State’s Largest Wildfire- The Paper

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